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You guys are going to love this, in fact, you might even have a better time than I did. Here I was balls deep in bbw sex roulette chat with this totally gorgeous black girl. She had such a cute body and the way that she talked told me that she had all the confidence in the world.

That was important to me in a few ways. For one I always want a bbw girl to be happy and open with her body. While she might be packing a few extra pounds that is what I and many others find attractive about her. If she has the confidence and the body and she uses it correctly, that is going to be the girl of my dreams.

I had such a blast with her that I will be back for more the second that she goes live again. I wouldn’t miss seeing those ample boobs, that perfect looking pussy and let us not forget that thick body for anything. I hope you guys have as much fun with this cute bbw girl as I did. Give her every inch that you can muster and I’m sure she is going to love you for doing so well!

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I always try my best to just live my life to the limit. I try not to take things too seriously, but in saying that I do expect a certain amount of quality when I’m looking for porn. I feel like my cock deserves something that’s actually worth the time and effort that I will be putting into it.

I decided I was going to find BBW porn at and I knew from my previous experience that it wasn’t going to let me down. My last visit was just a few days ago and it was something that changed how I think about looking at xxx porn. They showed me and my cock that there is something out there for everyone, no matter what type of action gets you hard.

There was so much action to see and the long porn videos looked awesome. Some of you might feel a little overwhelmed at just how much action there is. You are welcome to take as much time as you need to see all the xvideos that you want and of course, come back whenever you’re in the mood for more. Knowing that you’ve found so much bbw sex should put that smile back on your face, it did that and so much more for me.

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So I’m quite the fan of BBW women and I am a fan of tattoos on girls, I think it is really sexy and this woman has both and and a few piercings to put the cherry on the cake. I don’t like it when girls have too many piercings and this girl has it just perfect and she’s chosen such girly nipple rings that it makes it look classy still.

I’d be a very happy man if I could take this chick for a ride as I’m sure this guy is right in that moment.

All of the girls I have seen at this site is pretty sexy in my opinion. I much prefer a fuller figure woman than the runway model stick figure types who you’re too scared to really fuck in case you break them. I find that bigger women on average enjoy being fucked hard anyways and I enjoy that kind of sex as staple.

You can also get a $10 discount to Plumper Pass as I did with that link. 34% off on a 30-day pass and loads of exclusive BBW content await you.


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Do you like girls that bring extra fun to the party? And by extra fun, I mean those bodacious curves. I only want to get with big beautiful women with all that big tit and round ass action that makes my cock rock hard. I don’t want any of those twig bitches. I might break them in half on accident.

I seriously almost jizzed in my pants the moment I found this site called Monster Curves. They have hotties like Cali Carter, Demi Lowe, Keisha Grey, Mia Malkova, AJ Applegate, Phoenix Marie, and Valentina Nappi getting pounded by giant cocks, making all those curves flop and bounce like Mother Nature intended. And I hope you like titty fucking and blowjobs because these vixens have a huge appetite for cock!

Click here to grab this 85% discount offer to Not only will you be getting this phat deal on bbw queens, but you’ll also be getting access to 40 bonus sites from Reality Kings! Your wrist is going to need a break from all the jerking off.

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Over on, there is a lifetime discount for 67% off Brown Bunnies right now. I don’t know how long the deal is going to last, so I urge you to hurry up and get in on it. It gives you total access to all of the Bangbros network too. It’s a great bargain.

Brown Bunnies isn’t exclusively BBW, but there are lots of extra thick black girls with abundant curves in the line-up there. Anybody who has seen naked black women knows that there is nothing quite like big black booty and the way that it bounces. That is especially true when that ass is attached to an ebony BBW. Watching them ride a cock is like waiting for an ass to swallow a man. It’s spellbinding.

There are lots of Brown Bunnies scenes that I love, but the interracial set ups with a skinny white guy looking like he is going to get crushed to death while cumming top my list.

You don’t have to wait for Easter to enjoy this chocolate bunny decadence. Indulge today!

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I’ve always been a big fan of big girls, and it isn’t any coincidence that these are the babes that usually have the biggest tits. Just something about those big squishy fun bags in my face, or in my hands, or wrapped around my cock, makes me hotter than anything else.

There’s one site online that I’ve found that truly caters to the big booby lovers among us like no other. is the premium site for all of the busty babes you can handle and then some! Sure, not every babe featured here really fits into that BBW category. But in my opinion, that’s what I love about BBWs, they don’t really fit in the regular standard. This site is so all-inclusive that you get the fantastic fatties as well as petite but busty sluts, and those oft forgotten in between sluts.

With this lifetime discount of $10 off, you can enjoy them all in hot HD videos and photosets where there is an obvious focus on tits, but there is also plenty of ass and pussy on display with a wide variety of intense action to truly show you how these glorious babes get down!


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I used to go out to the bars with my friends on Saturday nights and try to pick up chicks. My friends would go for the basic bitches with their size-2 waists and size-0 personalities. They usually had flat chests and flat asses too. What’s the fucking point? I went straight to the bigger girls. They had all the right curves and were always up for a good time. They usually always had a big appetite for cock as well. I’d bring back two of them sometimes too!

My own appetite for big girls made me a fan of BBW porn. Most recently I picked up a membership to Just Plump. You can click here to get $5 off this 30-day Just Plump deal too! You’ll get all types of big girls, from black babes to MILFS, to lesbians, and everything you could want.

Right now you’ll even get access to the entire 88 Square network of 11 sites. This is a great time to fill your plate and open wide for a big juicy porn meal.


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I’ve had plenty of dudes poke fun of me for a BBW fan. I’ve heard it all, been called a chubby chaser more times than I can count. It has never for a moment bothered me, because every single one of those dudes may not admit it, but they love the curves just as much as I do.

Just because society tells us we should want to fuck some sticks covered in skin, at the end of the day we want something soft to cuddle up to, and I’ve seen them checking out my plus sized girlfriends’ cleavage on more occasions than I could count. That’s why I always make sure to let them know when I come across a good deal for some porn featuring hot babes with big tits, most recently I had them all grab this DDF Busty discount for $25 off.

This site knows what’s up when it comes to hot amateur babes and horny sluts who are all well endowed and curvy in all of the right places. So whether you are a “chubby chaser” yourself, or a little more closeted with your tastes, if you like big fat tits, this is the hot high quality porn portal you should be using!

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Right now viewers can save $12 with a Pure BBW discount and get all the hottest plus size pussy pounding they can handle. When it comes to hardcore sex there’s nothing quite as hot as when the big girls come out to play. These big beautiful women have the most massive sex drives I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched a lot of porn in my time and I can honestly say this the site I frequent most often.

With weekly updates there’s always fresh new content to keep my heart racing, palms sweating and dick swollen. Just a glimpse of these pleasant looking plumpers has my cock standing at attention. I’d give anything for a chance to take a romp in the sheets with any one of them. My all time favorite video shows a well hung stud leading a plus size babe around on a leash and collar to do his bidding. The way she devoured his rock hard cock had me losing sleep at night fantasizing about what it would be like to be that lucky guy.


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I’ve gotten a lot of shit from my buddies over the years for it, but I love me some big women. I’ve dating skinny bitches before, and it’s just not even comparable. I’d rather not waste my time with a lady who makes a habit of supression. No, these gluttonous gals know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to take it- then go back for seconds, and maybe thirds.

Life’s too short to not fuck fuck fat chicks I say! I will gladly let these ladies indulge in my cock whenever they so desire, they don’t hold back, and let’s face it, those mega curves are simply hot as hell!

This site gives you so much porn you won’t know what to do with it all. With this $9.95 discount price, you get all four of their exclusive sites for an extremely low price. I love this, it just gives me more cash in my pocket to take my lady out for dessert. Then who knows, if I’m lucky maybe she’ll make a second dessert of my dick when we get home!

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