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Domination phone sex

I wanted to push myself. I have a friend who always tells me I never take any risks. He brags all the time about how easy he gets phone sex and how good it makes him feel. He rubs it in as well. He knows I don’t do well with chatting to females, so he makes sure to let me know about it. I would love to get one up on him and I would love to see his reaction when I tell him about my personal experience with sex chat lines.

Domination phone sex is where the real fun and sexy moments will be. Those sexy and sassy females will dominate me and I will let them do anything they want. I am all for letting those Irish sex chat babes do their absolute worst to me, just so I can rub it in his face and tell him my casual sex chat was so much better than his.

Honestly, I should be worried about picking up the phone but that is the last thing on my mind. I know I can hang up whenever I want so that part of this doesn’t scare me at all. Even if it did I am willing to make sure I give it my best shot. The biggest thing on my mind right now is just making sure that I don’t make a total fool out of myself. If I can just hold it together long enough this fetish sex chat girls will take care of the rest.

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