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Fat women aren’t the only chicks that I am attracted to but they sure turn me on more than any other. It seems weird to refer to it as a fat fetish because guys attracted to fit girls don’t usually think of that as a fetish, unless they are after the major muscle babes or something ultra specific. I just happen to like fat women and they are what I am naturally most drawn to.

The really fucked up thing is that being with a big beautiful woman is heaven at home, but causes me a lot of anxiety in public. I want the voluptuous wife, but am too self-conscious about what other people will think of her weight, to be willing to introduce one to friends and family. It’s like I worry about her size ruining my reputation. It’s total bullshit and I know it.

While I try working through my own conflict, it’s good to know I can turn to sites like to get my fill of hardcore fat porn. Large, sexy women put themselves on naked exhibit and fuck like the goddesses that they are. Follow this link to get up to 67% off Plumpers and Big Women with this discount.

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