Posted By Admin on 05/09/21

I really needed a relaxing day. A day where I could just put my feet up and relax. After the week that I have had, there’s no better time for me to chill out and bust a nut with a few virtual sex videos. I wanted to be a man and make a good impression and yet I had a feeling she was going to be the one making it on me.

Those huge boobs were certainly getting my attention and my cock was starting to take control. It was at this point where I figured it would be a little silly of me not to take advantage of that willing BBW pussy. I decided to put my relaxation on hold, it was time for my cock to show her who’s the boss.

This is the moment that changed everything for me and I doubt I am ever going to feel the same. Good times make you think about many things and right now all I can think about is getting my next VR porn fix!

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