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Some of these BBW double girls, like this one, remind me of the qualities of some really fast superheroes. The ones who are here and there and everywhere.

I mean that is a whole lot of woman. Her tits alone could occupy a decent portion of one of the seats of that couch. And that is one hell of a brave man, he doesn’t exactly look look like the biggest bloke on the block. If that woman gets excited and decides to ride him hard he’s going to be feeling it for days.

I am most fascinated by the twats on some of these fat chicks though. That gash of hers is so pronounced that it almost looks like she’s getting fucked up the ass.

I’m sorry (not sorry) if it sounds like I don’t really respect these girls and that’s because I don’t. If they don’t have any respect for themselves why should I. I just like to fuck them, they’re usually pretty easy so I may as well use them for that.

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So I’m quite the fan of BBW women and I am a fan of tattoos on girls, I think it is really sexy and this woman has both and and a few piercings to put the cherry on the cake. I don’t like it when girls have too many piercings and this girl has it just perfect and she’s chosen such girly nipple rings that it makes it look classy still.

I’d be a very happy man if I could take this chick for a ride as I’m sure this guy is right in that moment.

All of the girls I have seen at this site is pretty sexy in my opinion. I much prefer a fuller figure woman than the runway model stick figure types who you’re too scared to really fuck in case you break them. I find that bigger women on average enjoy being fucked hard anyways and I enjoy that kind of sex as staple.

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That ass though, dayhum!

If you struggle to tell a lie and keep a straight face then I bet you’ll have a really rough time trying to convince me that you wouldn’t want to get stuck into that… even if you’re a girl. Damn, I bet even if you’re a screaming queen batty boy motherfucker you had a moment when your eyes got caught in all of that.

And I bet this tidy white chick has some sass to go with that ass too!

This is one of the Score Group’s sites and I love the retro look they have with their logos. I’m actually not perfectly sure if they’re all like that but this one definitely is and so is is the Scoreland one. This is also the network who signed the famous Hitomi Tanaka from Japan, the chick with the funbags from heaven.

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I have no idea what the V is for. The roman numeral that means 5? Unlike her vagina I doubt it’s anything that deep. Lucy Voluptuous perhaps? I’ll settle for that one, it suits this broad and I like it.

She sure knows how to fill up a bra, I’d bet, if she ever wore one. Or a top for that matter. I imagine that if I had a set of tits like that I’d be showing them off at every opportunity too. Actually, as a man, if I had a set of tits like that, you would see me outside my house for a week.

Here’s the Lucy V gallery and discount link where this fiery redhead shows off her wares. A gorgeous full figure and a little plump in the booty for a slimmed down price.


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Roll right on in!


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