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Some of these BBW double girls, like this one, remind me of the qualities of some really fast superheroes. The ones who are here and there and everywhere.

I mean that is a whole lot of woman. Her tits alone could occupy a decent portion of one of the seats of that couch. And that is one hell of a brave man, he doesn’t exactly look look like the biggest bloke on the block. If that woman gets excited and decides to ride him hard he’s going to be feeling it for days.

I am most fascinated by the twats on some of these fat chicks though. That gash of hers is so pronounced that it almost looks like she’s getting fucked up the ass.

I’m sorry (not sorry) if it sounds like I don’t really respect these girls and that’s because I don’t. If they don’t have any respect for themselves why should I. I just like to fuck them, they’re usually pretty easy so I may as well use them for that.

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