Posted By Trendy on 09/05/21

I have had a metric fuck-ton of girlfriends over the years of all shapes and sizes. But I have to admit that big beautiful women were always my favorites. Maybe it is because of their curves. Maybe it’s because they tend to be better in bed. I’m not sure what the scientific answer is, but I know if one ever hits me up in the middle of the night for a booty call, my answer is ALWAYS yes.

But if I’m ever unable to land a hefty hottie for the night then I check out this list of the most popular BBW porn sites. It has never failed me before. I actually ended up subscribing to most of them anyway because the list is that good and the action is second-to-none.

I’m an expert at jerking off to big girls (and fucking the shit out of the ones I meet in real life) but I’m not an expert at scouring the entire internet for the best sites like Tommy’s Bookmarks. Check out our link to this supreme BBW list right now!

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